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Unbuckling the Car Seat

By Newsanchormom

Unbuckling the Car Seat
My four-year-old has been known to get his arms out of the five point harness car seat. I think it's my fault because the straps must not be tight enough. We have gone from winter coats to t-shirts to sweat jackets in the last few weeks. I always tighten the harnesses back up, but I guess they aren't as snug as they should be. Thankfully, he hasn't figured out how to unbuckle the car seat just yet. I remember when my oldest did. He still gets out of his seat more than he should and he'll be 8 this year! Have your kids ever maneuvered their way out of the car seat?
FROM NBC: Many young children have the motor skills to unbuckle their own car seats long before they have the thinking skills to know why it's dangerous. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine surveyed parents with kids under age 6.
They found the vast majority of kids who unbuckle themselves from the car seats -- 75-percent -- are under age 3! Some little Houdinis were able to free themselves as young as 12-months old.
It was more common among boys than girls.
And nearly half of kids who unbuckled did so while their vehicle was in motion. when they were in 5-point harnesses, most managed only to undo the top buckle.

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