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Try the Solutions Room - a Great Way to Find Your Next Holiday in the Mountains

By Surfcat

Jump-intoSolutionsRoom We're always banging on about our legendary Solutions Room.

It's as old as Chalets Direct - and back when we first started, when people used dial-up to get online, and Facebook wasn't even a glimmer in Mark Zuckerberg's eye, we thought the Solutions Room would be a great way for us to find our ski holidays.

We felt that there had to be loads of chalet owners and companies out there with the kind of holiday we wanted - but it was finding them that was the problem. So the Solutions Room was born.

It's simple. Just say what you're looking for, post it in the Solutions Room and let the replies come back to you.

So if you suddenly hear that there's a big dump of snow in January and you can manage a long weekend, you could put it up there - and holiday offers and options will be posted back to you - usually within a few hours, often within minutes!

Or if you've got to organise the family holiday for next half term, and it's already July and you still don't have a clue, then putting it up in the Solutions Room is a shortcut to finding all the places that would suit your needs.

We know it works because now, 12 years on, over 16 000 requests for ski holidays have been made and over 225 000 solutions have come back.

It's worked so well that we expanded it and now you can look for summer holidays, seasonaire jobs, long term lets and even property to buy in our range of Solutions Rooms.

So if you want to find next winter's ski holiday or are looking for a summer break in the mountains right now then why not give it a whirl!

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