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True Blood Rookies Introduce Their New Characters

Posted on the 24 June 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

There are a lot of new characters in Season 4 of True Blood. We’ve been documenting the newbie and you can read more about them in our “Episode Guide” by clicking here.  Below we find out some more from a few of these new characters. Aaron Perillo who plays the vampire “Blackburn”, Vedette Lim, who plays Naomi, Fiona Shaw, who plays Marnie, Janina Gavankar, who plays Luna and more newbies give us the low-down on their new characters.

True Blood Rookies Introduce their New Characters

MTV News spent some quality time with the cast at the show’s premiere earlier this week, where they asked the newest faces of “True Blood” to introduce themselves to fans.

Vedette Lim – Naomi

“I play Naomi, I am a good friend of Tara,” newcomer Vedette Lim told us. And be advised to take Lim’s use of “friend of Tara” loosely. “I’m a cage fighter, clearly,” she added,showing off her not-so-intimidating guns.

“I’m a vampire, if you can see the pale skin,” said Aaron Perilo, who plays devious Blackburn. “I’m pretty old so I’m very fast. I kind of have an attitude — I don’t know if that’s a talent. I have a bloodthirsty attitude where I like to get in trouble.” Sounds like he’ll fit right in then!

Fiona Shaw – Marnie

Next up is legendary actress Fiona Shaw, whose résumé is too lengthy to list, but many may recognize her from her recent work as Petunia Dursley in the “Harry Potter” film franchise. Shaw plays a very dedicated witch and coven leader Marnie. She’s also already a cast favorite. Her work is so convincing that many of her “True Blood” co-stars claimed to be officially obsessed with her.

“Marnie is a witch. She’s not a very good witch, but she becomes a very powerful witch as the thing goes on,” Shaw explained. “It’s been very interesting for me to play someone so out there, so weird, so lonely, so desperate, so isolated. It’s been a very big challenge, the lack of vanity to really go there, and I think I have done that.”

Aaron Perillo – Blackburn

Blackburn is a new vampire who is old and very fast.  He has a blud thirsty attitude and likes to get into trouble.

Three other witches to look out for are Roy, Casey and Antonia, played by Dean Chekvala, Fiona Dourif and Paola Turbay, respectively. Roy and Casey are a part of Marnie’s coven, while Antonia is the more mysterious and possibly dangerous presence.

“[Antonia] is a witch from the era of the Inquisition,” Turbay revealed. “Her spirit is haunting the vampires, and she’s around and she’s causing a lot of trouble.”

Janina Gavankar – Luna

Last but certainly not least is Luna, a new shape-shifter and potential romantic interest for everyone’s favorite bar owner Sam Merlotte. ”She is also a schoolteacher by day, shape-shifter by night,” Janina Gavankar said of her character. “She is a nice girl with a big old past,” added Gavankar, whom you might recognize from other TV roles on “The League” and the short-lived “Traffic Light.” “[She] is just trying to do the right thing and be drama-free and keep it together and live a simple life in Bon Temps.”


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