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Trudy's View on US-Israel Relations

Posted on the 14 December 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Empress Trudy

{Editor's note - Trudy's views are not my own.  Nonetheless, I think that there are some important and cutting edge ideas in this concise piece that should be considered.  We can discuss it in the comments, but I am willing to say that if the US and Israel are beginning to go their separate ways, which I hope is not the case, that such a process would be gradual and amicable.  Although, given this current administration, I would not necessarily count on that. - ML}
flagIn a wider sense there truly isn't that much that Israel garners from it's so called relationship with the US. Israel should dial back all relations with the US in a very big way. Little to no diplomatic, intelligence, or economic partnering. True, the VC community loves Israel but it's not enough and there's enough money laying about in the rest of the world to partner with. There are individual companies that work well with Israel, but broadly speaking there's little point.
Let the US wave its UNSC veto. Let the EU do without Israeli technology and Israeli-Cypriot gas fields and so on. I'm sure that the US and the EU can struggle on without it.
The future is the East. Israel needs to look to the east and kiss the US goodbye for all practical purposes. The relationship with the US shouldn't be any more material to Israel than her relationship with Mexico or Chile. There's simply not enough there beyond the outsized value we place on it. Remember this is a global world and the US and the EU are in their twilight phases.
Another generation or two they will no longer be major players on the world stage just as Britain experienced after WW2. In many ways it's the West that hasn't realized that the Cold War is over, not the East. They still operate with a world view more oriented to the 1950's and '60's while it's the former Communists who are changing and have changed more. And while Israel, I suppose, was some sort of semi-valuable card to the West during the Cold War, those days are over, for both the West and for Israel.
Today Israel is coordinating attacks on Hezbollah with Russia. You DO understand how momentous that is. Not the US, but Russia. Israel is now coordinating attacks on ISIS in Sinai with Egypt now. Not the US. Egypt. An Egypt that the US has also rejected.
As America hollows itself out and morphs from a society that makes and builds things to a society of social scientist protesters proclaiming the end of petrochemicals it's less and less relevant the sweet sounding platitudes it gushes. What's the value of that to Israel? I submit it's not very much. What's the utility to Israel for an America that's entire national movement is directed at abolishing coal and oil and simultaneously focused on little more than renaming all buildings formerly named after old dead white men who had bad things to say about black people 120 years ago? Where is the locus for Israel there? There isn't.
It's time to split up.

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