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Tricolor Marble Cake Recipe

By Treatntrick
Tricolor Marble Cake Recipe @
Another butter cake project that has 3 color and swirled to get a marbling effect.
We're just entering a new year and I like to dedicate this post to my wonderful readers.  Wishing you a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
You might notice that I deeply in love with  anything matble, be it dessert or bread.  For example the following recipes that I have tried:
Moist Marble Banana Cake
Chocolate Marble Bread
Marble Cake
This Tricolor Marble Cake made of 3 colors, green, red and plain. Not only colors but you can add any flavoring like strawberry, coffee, blueberry, pandan or lemon that suits the color of your choice. I don't have those so added only food coloring.
My Tricolor Marble Cake turned faint in color since I have used only 2 drops of the food coloring.  I think you should add little bit more to get vivid color.  Nevertheless it turned out rich, moist and delightful.
Tricolor Marble Cake Recipe @
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