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Travel Bug: Australia

By Agadd @ashleegadd

travel bug: australia.

Australia is essentially one giant island. You’ll notice it in the higher prices, the laidback attitudes and the seemingly endless stretch of beaches. Oh, the beaches. Australian beaches are surprisingly dramatic: wide swaths of sand, crashing azure waves, menacing storm clouds that flash into sunshine in an instant. Locals shrug off the dangers of rip tides and one-sting-and-you’re-gone bluebox jellyfish with a “no worries, mate” as they expertly duck into the surf.

travel bug: australia.

{ Locals and tourists alike pour into the beaches of Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. }

travel bug: australia.

{ Bronte Beach on a brilliantly sunny Sunday: it’s the place to be in Sydney in summer. }

travel bug: australia.

{ Manly Beach is perfect for beginning surfers and expert beach bums. }

travel bug: australia.

{ Bronte Beach is a haven for surfers when storms shut down the sand to sunbathers. }

travel bug: australia.

{ St. Kilda Beach is Melbourne’s only sandy refuge: the waves are nonexistent, but it’s still a popular destination for sun-seekers and kitesurfers alike. }

travel bug: australia.

{ A burst of color in the gray autumn skies along the Great Ocean Road. }

travel bug: australia.

{ Stormy skies aren’t enough to stop Sydney surfers on Bronte Beach. }

travel bug: australia.

{ The perfect sunset rest stop along the Great Ocean Road. }

Read more of Christine’s Australian adventures here.

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