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Transition Fashion: Same Trend, Different Spin

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

There are a lot of things to love about summer; the warm weather, destination vacations, seasonal fruit, blockbuster movies, and of course the change of pace and color when it comes to your wardrobe. Instead of matching the gray skies of winter, we tend to dress brighter and add more colors and accessories to our every day outfits. You want to show off that glowing tan skin and be as adventurous with your outfit as you are with your weekend plans. It’s only natural that summer gives us all a pick-me-up in our bodies, minds and souls.

Summer Postcard 300x150Transition Fashion: Same Trend, Different Spin

While we still have about a month until the official first day of summer, I know I’ve been moving things around in my closet to make room for all of those summer must-haves I shared with you last week. But let’s face it- we can’t all afford to fill our closets with the latest and greatest summer trends. Sometimes, we have to work with what we’ve got! Luckily, in summer there are a few trends that never go out of style. All you need is to know what spin to put on it to make last summer’s most worn dress brand new again!

Turquoise jewelry, white sun dresses, wide brimmed hats and straw wedge sandals always fit right into whatever else is trending for the summer season. But to get some more ideas on what pieces to resurface from the summer of 2010 I decided to look back at my old magazines from exactly a year ago. In the June 2010 issue of Elle I found two trend pages that proved my point that not all trends come and go with the season and year.

Look #1: From Crochet to Lace

crochet to laceTransition Fashion: Same Trend, Different Spin
This is a fairly easy switch! Crochet, lace, eyelet and anything sheer and frilly make for an easy summer style. In 2010 the look was more worked and intricate while this summer the look is effortless and basic. Take your 2010 crochet clothing and mix with a light weight cotton. Or if you liked a certain crochet dress so much, replace it with a similar one in lace in a different color!

Look #2: From Floral Patterns to Floral Prints

pattern to print floralsTransition Fashion: Same Trend, Different Spin
Florals are another special summer style that take full bloom no matter what year it is. Last summer we saw big, bright and tropical floral patterns on more than than just Hawaiian shirts. The tropical trend has now been simplified into feminine floral prints, as opposed to the loud patterns. Designers like Stella McCartney nailed it with very real life flower graphics that add a softer appeal. The florals this summer have a more vintage appeal that make them easier to wear on a day to day basis, not only on vacation.

Hopefully this little blast to the past summer trends will inspire you to re-think your current clothing and see how you can make it fit in 2011. If you have the crochet, don’t be afraid to wear it, just make it lighter! And don’t get rid of all of your bold graphic patterns, but be on the lookout for floral prints that have a softer side to show off. Do you have any other static summer styles that we missed?

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