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Topsoil Promotes Safe and Healthy Growth

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

Topsoil Promotes Safe and Healthy GrowthTopsoil is the top layer of soil that is found on many gardens or flowerbeds. This layer is the most important layer of soil as this contains the majority of the nutrients that the plant requires for fast and healthy growth.

It is in this layer that the highest levels of micro-organisms and organic matter are contained. The necessary minerals that plants require to be healthy are also mainly based in this part of the soil. The plants roots are spread out within the topsoil in order to absorb the beneficial contents of the soil and help aid the growth of the plants.

When using good quality topsoil, there is no need for the use of chemicals which is of great benefit to the rest of the garden due to the lack of pollution of some of the more harmful chemicals which could harm the wildlife that has populated the surrounding area which could also be beneficial to the growth of the plants. The use of good quality topsoil means that these animals and insects that can help the growth of plants can continue to roam the gardens and help the natural growth without the risk of spreading the toxic chemicals further around the garden.

Topsoil is also family friendly meaning that family pets and children can feel safe to roam around the garden as soon as the topsoil has been used. This is of great benefit to families using topsoil rather than families that choose to use chemicals in their garden who need to contain children and pets indoors for a period of time after the chemicals have been used to prevent accidental ingestion.

The fact that good quality topsoil contains no added chemicals means that it can be used all around the garden and there are no risks that have to be taken. Topsoil is also good for use in pots, whether this is indoors or outdoors meaning that all plants can benefit from it. Chemicals are recommended for outdoor use only and so as a result does not have the same amount of usage as topsoil. Chemicals can also be washed away and therefore spread to areas of the garden that one may not have wanted to treat with these harsh chemicals for instance where growing food to eat. While on the other hand, topsoil is completely harmless and therefore can cause no harm to other plants and as long as it is replaced then the plants will have no problem adapting to the new environment.

A common problem that can limit the lives of many common outdoor plants is topsoil erosion. This is where the weather erodes or washes away the layer of topsoil that the plant is relying on for its main source of essential minerals. By replacing this layer of topsoil, one can drastically increase the lifespan of plants by replacing the vital minerals and micro-organisms that the plant relies upon for sustenance. Without replacing this vital layer of topsoil, the plant stands little if any chance of survival.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Boughton Loam And Turf Management. James is interested in environmental and sustainability issues and is currently refurbishing his own home.

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