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Top 3 of 2012

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Top 3 of 2012 Top 3 of 2012 Top 3 of 2012 I've been going through my pictures of the last year to make a synopsis in the next few days and I've noted two things: 1) If you didn't know me in person it appears that I only make pretty things and go on trips (I wish!) 2) I'm getting better at what I do. And I don't mean that in a "I'm the best in the whole wide world" way, but sometimes I'd cringe at what I was putting out there into the universe with my work because things didn't work out as perfectly as I had imagined, but looking back though some were inevitably lame, I'm overall pleased with my oeuvre. I can see how I'm more mindful of a successful DIY from concept to styling to photography. Mind you, I worked super hard last year in coming up with my DIY concepts and execution so I guess it was a natural product of time and hard work. I got to work with some really stellar photographers (who I miss dearly!) and I got to make projects for some really great magazines and websites.
Based on page analytics, these three projects were the most visited on The House That Lars Built. I'm always so surprised at what is more successful over another project. What were some of your favorites? Would you have guessed these ones?
1. Friendship bracelet chevron rug won be almost double
2. Heart attack package beat #3 by almost double again
3. Kissing bridal clothespin

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