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Top 10 Superstitions Around The World

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10
Top 10 Superstitions Around The WorldTop 10 Superstitions Around The World

Whether you’re keen on black cat avoidance, living in a home with no mirrors or simply holding onto a container of salt for dear life whenever possible, superstitions are common among people worldwide. Some superstitions are stranger than others, though. In this post, we take a look at 10 superstitions from all corners of the globe and how they affect the ways people behave…

Top 10 Superstitions Around The World

Step on a crack
Step on a crack

10 – Step on a crack

In Haiti, the line “step on a crack will break your mother’s back” is just the beginning. In the Haitian tradition, you can also bring your mother harm by wearing only one shoe, sweeping the floor at night, crawling on your knees or simply by eating the top portion of a watermelon.

Here comes the groom
Here comes the groom

9 – Here comes the groom

In India, superstition runs rampant in the realm of personal hygiene. It is widely believed that if one trims their nails on Tuesday or Saturday, bad luck will follow. Similarly, both cutting and washing your hair is frowned upon on Thursdays.

The number four
The number four

8 – The number four

In China, where popular good luck symbols are worshipped, the number four is actually extremely unlucky. Whether fourteen, twenty-four, thirty-four and so on, the Chinese consider the numbers incredibly bad luck. While this might seem like a stretch for some cultures, it actually makes sense. The Chinese word for “four” bears almost the exact same phrasing as the Chinese word for “death.”

Raging thunder gods
Raging thunder gods

7 – Raging thunder gods

Japanese children are warned to be mindful of a thunder god who has a very interesting affinity for belly buttons. To deter Raijin, one of the most important gods in Japanese mythology, children must hide their stomachs during thunderstorms.

Fanning the flame
Fanning the flame

6 – Fanning the flame

In certain parts of South-Korea, people believe that running a fan in a closed room can kill you in your sleep. To combat this phenomenon, modern electric fans actually come standard with automated shut off timers.

Whistle while you work
Whistle while you work

5 – Whistle while you work

Inhabitants of the Baltic state of Lithuania have a very real fear of individuals who whistle while indoors. It is widely accepted that people who partake in this endeavour will summon little devils that will wreak havoc on your daily life.

Flame resistant
Flame resistant

4 – Flame resistant

In the sovereign country of Qatar, modern superstitions have actually been forbidden. But in days of old, it was believed that to kill a spider within a home brought the worst bad luck possible. The reason is that It was believed spiders held within their being the power to extinguish house fires.

Failure is not an option
Failure is not an option

3 – Failure is not an option

In Vietnam, student’s studies take on a life of their own. It is believed to be bad luck if students eat bananas prior to a big examination. The reasoning behind this is that bananas are seen as “slippery,” and the Vietnamese word for slippery is almost exactly the same as the word for failure.

Boy girl, boy girl
Boy girl, boy girl

2 – Boy girl, boy girl

In Yemen, by throwing a dead snake in the air, a mother can know the gender of her unborn child. If the snake lands on its back, it will be a girl; landing upright means a son will be born.

Something stinks
Something stinks

1 – Something stinks

In France, something is certainly afoot. The French believe that in the unlikely scenario you find yourself stepping in dog faeces, it had better be with the correct foot. A left foot encounter is a good luck, but stepping in dog faeces with your right foot ensures bad luck for all time.

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