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Top 10 Catchable Cats That Look Like Pokemon

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10
Top 10 Catchable Cats That Look Like PokemonTop 10 Catchable Cats That Look Like Pokemon

Some cats have such an odd look that they don’t look like cats at all. I am not talking about cats in costumes, I am talking about cats that have odd facial expressions or strange fur patterns. Maybe it is just me, but some of them look just like Pokemon!

Top 10 Catchable Cats That Look Like Pokemon

Cat Looks Like a GrowlitheCat Looks Like a Growlithe

10 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: This Pokémon resembles a puppy. It has bright orange fur with black stripes. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. There are no gender differences. Much like Vulpix, its shiny form is a yellow/golden color.

Cat Looks Like a DiglettCat Looks Like a Diglett

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Pokemon Wikia Info: Digletts are small, brown moles with two small eyes and a large pink/red nose. Since part of its body is underground, we don’t know whether or not Diglett has feet, tail(s), etc. However, in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, the rescued Diglett (after Skarmory kidnapped him) claimed to say his feet were getting cold (Which thereafter caused an awkward moment of silence).

Cat Looks Like a VoltorbCat Looks Like a Voltorb

8 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: Voltorb are Pokémon that look like a large Poké Ball. Spherical in shape, Voltorb’s top half is coloured red while its bottom half is white. Voltorb does not have much else in features besides its eyes, which usually indicate that it is angry.

Cat Looks Like an EeveeCat Looks Like an Eevee

7 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: Eevee is a small, fennec fox-like creature with bushy, brown fur. Its muzzle is very cat-like, with a small, black, triangular nose. It has a fluffy cream-colored mane around its neck and a short, bushy, fox-like tail with a cream tip. Eevee has round, deep brown eyes, long, rabbit-like ears, and pink paw pads on its little feet. Its paws are small with three toes and no visible claws.

Cat Looks Like a SnorlaxCat Looks Like a Snorlax

6 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: Snorlax is a very large and fat, bear-like Pokémon that has grayish-blue fur and an apricot color underbelly. Its eyes are always closed, making it look as if it is sleeping.

Cat Looks Like an ExeggutorCat Looks Like an Exeggutor

5 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: Exeggutor is the Coconut Pokémon. This Pokémon looks like a walking palm tree with three coconut-like heads. It has two stubby legs. If a head grows too big, it falls off and becomes an Exeggcute. It is known as the ‘Walking Jungle’.

Cat Looks Like a TogepiCat Looks Like a Togepi

4 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<
Pokemon Wikia Info: Togepi is a Pokémon who appears to not have fully hatched out of its shell yet; only its head and stubby hands and feet appear out of its egg’s shell. The parts of its body that appear are a pale, cream color, whereas the shell is predominantly white.

Cat Looks Like a DratiniCat Looks Like a Dratini

3 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: It has a white, circular, gem-like object on its forehead, and its eyes are light purple. It has two developing wings at the sides of its head, which grow to be enormous as it evolves. It has a white belly and is light blue the rest of the way.

Cat Looks Like a KabutoCat Looks Like a Kabuto

2 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: While concealed, Kabuto leaves exposed only its hard shell, which protects it from predators, while the small, black eyes on its back allow it to continue monitoring its surroundings. If it is flipped upside-down, it becomes helpless and defenceless as it is unable to flip over on its own. It may be based on a Horseshoe crab.

Cat Looks Like a ChanseyCat Looks Like a Chansey

1 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Pokemon Wikia Info: Chansey is an Egg Pokémon. It has three strands of hair sticking out on each side. Chansey is entirely light pink, except for its egg and tips of its “Hair.”

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