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To Check, Or Not to Check, That is the Question!

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

To Check, or Not to Check, That is the Question!Hello all.  I have OCD, this is no mystery, everybody that I know, knows, as do all of you.  I am not ashamed to have OCD.  I am not embarrassed to have OCD, because it is part of who I am. It is part of what makes me, me.

But I am still afflicted with OCD, and I am still, though my actions are no longer fear based, AT ALL, pretty symptomatic, especially when I am stressed out.

So around a month ago, I wrote a post about getting to a poll, and not being able to decide which way to go around it, which of course, was extremely frustrating.

Ok, so now, because we as a country, are in particularly stressful times, I am experiencing that symptom again, but also my blog is at something like 4,982 views since December 19th, 2010, so understandably I am very excited to get to 5000.  5000 views in less than 5 months is a really big accomplishment, I think, and it is all thanks to you. Your continued readership and ongoing support.

Things are very hard here. I can’t keep a steady long term job, because I am terrible with languages, and have not been able to pick up enough Hebrew to be able to work, plus because of the residuals of the ADHD, I have trouble studying, unless of course it is something that truly interests me, like say, psychology.  Unfortunately, Hebrew doesn’t really get me goin’, ya know?

So we are always poor, always looking for help. And you know what, it really sucks.  Sure I wish I was so rich, that I could just help everyone for no money, but we can’t even afford to buy our own food!  Seriously. It is embarrassing, shameful, and I feel nothing like a man who can provide for his family.

I am a suburb writer, by the grace of G-d, and and equally good trainer and manager.

If only I could find a job wherever, that I could do remotely.

But alas.

So, anyway, last night I was checking, checking, checking to see what my total views were. But, thank G-d, I’ve managed to curb the impulse. B”H

I wish you all an excellent, productive, and symptom free week!



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