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Thyroid Healing & Prevention Strategies (Adjunctive Therapies to the Thyroid Healing Program)

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove
Thyroid Healing & Prevention Strategies (Adjunctive Therapies to the Thyroid Healing Program)

Left: Man with untreated hypothyroidism. Right: Same man after treatment for hypothyroidism.

After reading the information in the Thyroid Healing Program Parts 1 and 2, you should now have a solid understanding of why Synthroid (levothyroxine or synthetic T4) does not alleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism nor does it heal the root cause of an underfunctioning thyroid.  You should also now understand that there are many different causes of hypothyroidism, which means there are a variety of strategies for both healing and prevention, depending on the underlying root cause.  Additionally, there are specific nutritional strategies for Graves disease or hyperthyroidism which are safer than radioactive iodine (I-131) and/or surgical removal of the thyroid gland.  The strategies for maintaining the health of you thyroid, as well as for addressing the root cause of an underfunctioning or overfunctioning thyroid are outlined in this section of the thyroid healing program.

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