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Throwing on the Run

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Throwing on the run

Head still, eyes level and
locked on the target

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There are many situations in baseball when fielders will need to catch a ball and throw it “on the run.”  Slow rollers are usually when you see this the most.  Throwing on the run is one of the more difficult plays because it requires quick hands with a strong arm from a variety of angles, good balance, agility, timing, rhythm, and coordination.  All this is why some coaches call these plays “separators.”   They separate the men from the boys.I listed and explained many of the fundamentals of the slow roller in these posts (Part 1 & Part 2).  However, this general tip deals with any play where the player throws on the run.  It could be a high chopper up the middle where the shortstop cuts in behind the mound to catch and throw to first.  It could also be a rundown play where the fielder is sprinting after the runner and then must throw it.  No matter what type of play it is, there is one tip that can go a long way to improve a fielder's throwing accuracy.

Throwing on the run

A common head turn on the
throw by this young man.

Keep your head still.
When some players run, their head (and eyes) bounce up and down.  Some players turn their head away from the target when they throw (bottom photo).  Running with your eyes still and at the same height give a player better vision and tend to keep the throws from being erratic.  Too much head movement at any position in baseball tends to be a bad thing.  This is especially true on plays that require the fielder to run fast and throw at the same time.

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