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Thrilling Thursday – Discovering Japan!

Posted on the 17 March 2011 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

Can you believe we STILL don’t know what’s going on in Japan?  

How amazing is it that we can fix a broken solar panel on a Mars lander (180M miles away) yet we can’t get a straight answer on what’s going on at a nuclear reactor 5,500 miles away?

Doesn’t that seem odd to you?  Either nuclear energy if EXTREMELY unsafe because – when it breaks down – even the experts can’t figure out what’s wrong, if there is anything wrong or what to do about it if it’s wrong – OR – there’s a huge cover-up and that means that we are allowing these potential weapons of mass destruction to fall into the hands of Big Business – who apparently are willing to lie to the public and cost-benefit the lives at stake against their quarterly reports.  Frankly, I’ll take my chances with Iran’s government running a nuclear program before I’d let TEPCO operate another facility.  

Thrilling Thursday – Discovering Japan!
As people in California are beginning to learn – "not in my back yard" doesn’t work when your back yard includes Japan.  As I said on TV the other day, I’m not pro-nuke and I’m not anti-nuke but TEPCO is doing a good job of getting me there as this crisis unfolds.  Not since Larry, Moe and Curly went into the plumbing business have we seen a repair job fall apart this completely.  Even the Excelon CEO, who seems like a very reasonable and very trustable guy, still makes safety decisions based on cost.  They HAVE to – they are in it for the money and that’s just good Capitalism, right?  

This is a very fine example of how Capitalism can, when exercised freely without Government regulation – destroy our entire planet.  Sure they can wreck economies with risky derivative trading and sure they can rob people through jacked-up commodity costs and endless fees for every possible aspect of handling the money you own but that’s just good, old-fashioned Capitalism and, if you don’t like it – go to China you commie bastard.  

Sure they pollute the air…

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