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Three Peaks, NSW

By Hikingoz
Trip Date 22/04/2011
I was introduced to the Three Peaks walk by my mate Chris who has done it once or twice before. I didn't quite realize what a slog it was until I experienced it for myself. I was fortunate to have someone experienced along for the trip.
Camped the night on a rock slab partway along Glenraphael Drive. Awoke at 3.30am on Good Friday and at 4am after breakfast headed on and up the hill to the locked gate at Narrow Neck. Walked in the dark almost until about Taros Ladder. Kept up a pretty brisk march down to the Cox and then headed on towards Cloudmaker. Ran into a large group of hikers along the way coming from Kanangra. Made Cloudmaker at about 2pm friday. Continued on and down, only slowing to negotiate a small buttris along the ridge descending towards the foot of Paralyser. Found thunder bend just on dusk and after negotiating the lush, rocky and nettle filled creek ascended Paralyser in darkness. Reached the top of the ridge and found the summit quite easily. Stopped for the night around 8.30pm. Day 1 took 19 hours.
Awoke at 3.30 sunday morning. My ankle was stiff and sore from an old injury. Borrowed a set of walking poles off Chris and 'nordic walked' my way down Paralyser. We went a bit slow because of this and the sun was well and truly up by the time we got to the foot of Guouagang. More nettles. After crossing the creek we took a pole each and headed up towards the summit. It was pretty easy going. Once my ankle had warmed up it was fine and didn't have any more trouble on the trip. After negotiating the fantastic ridgeline and heading up the last steep bit the scrub was a bit of a pain. We managed to avoid most of it and cut back towards the summit cairn from the other side. I think we made the summit about 11.30. From there we skirted around and then through the scrub onto the faint start of the ridge down. After the long descent we made the Cox about 4pm and then the summit of Yellow Dog about 6.15. We stopped at Mobbs Soak around 8.30 for dinner as there were a few people around and a camp fire.
The final fire trail back to the car was definately the hardest part. With sore feet and cravings for hot food it dragged on a bit. We made it in just on 1am, pitched tent and crashed. Day 2 took us 21 hours. Three Peaks in 45. If we started from the train station we would have been counting the minutes.
Both me and Chris enjoyed the walk. It is a good benchmark hard walk. Already making plans for a faster attempt.
This trip report by me can also be found here:   http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=6527

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