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Thieves Like Us

Posted on the 04 March 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Thieves Like UsDuring the Great Depression, three convicted bank robbers, one significantly younger than the other two, make an escape during their fishing trip furlough and take it on the lam. They then proceed to go on a string of bank robberies, something they seem to be proud of. The men seem to be amiable types, who like to joke and laugh, but the elder two's true nature begins to shine through when some of the robberies turn violent. Meanwhile, the youngest and genuine criminal (Keith Carradine) meets a young woman (Shelley Duvall) and you know the outlook isn't sunny for the two as a dramatization of Romeo and Juliet plays on the radio as they make love. Directed by Robert Altman, you may think he is doing his take on Bonnie and Clyde. However, you can quickly tell that his approach is highly original and the master's sure hand is evidently at work, even in this early outing. In addition to having a great directorial eye and his camera beautifully capturing the southern countryside, Altman isn't afraid to focus on characterization even if it is at the expense of the plot, and the result is a truly unique entry in the genre.

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