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They're Back! The Outer Space Men Return COOL Action Figures in Blazing Colorz | @4FourhorsemenDesign

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby
They're Back! The Outer Space Men Return
They're Back! The Outer Space Men Return COOL action figures in blazing colorz | @4FourhorsemenDesign
America's foremost Action Figure sculptors, the fabulous Four Horsemen and the amazing Onell Designs are recreating The Outer Space Men even better than before.  This Website will chronicle their progress...          Buy Outer Space Men at Store Horsemen online.

They're Back! Outer Space Return COOL Action Figures Blazing Colorz @4FourhorsemenDesign
So awesome. The original issue of the The Outer Space Men figures was on display in an exhibit at Toy Tokyo during Toy Fair 2012.
The toy shop at OnellDesign is packed with their own fantastic designs, described as "action figures meets legos" all the parts in the Glyos System Series are interchangeable.
They're Back! The Outer Space Men Return COOL action figures in blazing colorz | @4FourhorsemenDesignThey're Back! The Outer Space Men Return COOL action figures in blazing colorz | @4FourhorsemenDesignThey're Back! The Outer Space Men Return COOL action figures in blazing colorz | @4FourhorsemenDesign gobon
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Must see movie on YouTube 'Batman: Dark Knightfall' done completely with action figures in stop-motion. Excellent lighting and photography by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong makes the figures look so realistic (
That reminds me of the notorious Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, a stop-action movie by Todd Haynes in 1987 done completely with altered Barbie Dolls and Ken dolls. Mattel and MGA Entertainment have a new line of Bald Barbie Dolls and "True Hope" Bratz and Moxie Dolls.
See five legendary Rare Star Wars Action Figures on Finding vintage toys from 1987 would be the holy grail at a yard sale. I'm not sure if the world needs a Russian President Vladimir Putin 12-Inch Scale Action Figure (, but the "hentai Woody" - Kaiyodo's Sci-Fi No. 10 Woody figure No. 10 is known as Japan's Creepiest Action Figure [Woody] (

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