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Themed Weddings – How To Decorate For Them

By Weddingblog2011

One of the most important but often overlooked parts of the wedding is the decorations. Unless you have a wedding coordinator, you could be so busy with all the other details that the subtleties of decorating might get lost in the shuffle. However, if you have a theme wedding, your decorations are key. Here are some popular themes and how you might decorate them:

A very popular and romantic wedding theme is a beach theme, and the number one decoration for that is …. Well …. a beach. It is not real if there is not a little sand in the background, and hopefully some waves splashing. Of course if you can not get away to the ocean, improvising never hurts. Rivers or lakes can be just as good a resource. Pools are not a bad last resort either. Using some form of raft made of wood for the bride and groom to stand on is very simple and beautiful. A night time wedding on water can be extra beautiful with candles flickering and reflecting off the water. Even having candles float on a river around the ceremony sets a tender mood. A wooden archway and some simple white chairs are enough to add to the scenery that already surrounds you.

A simple garden wedding is a way to have lots of gorgeous flowers without actually spending a lot at the florist. Maybe add a statue or two and a water fountain to go on the outskirts of your seating area. Since, this would definitely be outside, an aisle way scattered with flowers could be the perfect touch. Plain, non plastic chairs, most likely white would be a great addition that will add a crisp look but not overshadow the garden flowers. A simple canopy or archway dripping with flowers for the bride and groom to stand under as they exchange their vows will add a perfect touch.

If you are outgoing and want more of a party atmosphere on your big day, why not try something like a Vegas themed wedding? This doesn’t have to be tacky, but can be fun and colorful. This is not a plain Jane wedding. You get to dress everything up. Instead of pale colors or lots of flowers, try more reds, golds and blacks. Lights can be set up to show off the scene. You could even play off the gambling side and give out little dice. Down the aisle maybe a red carpet so the lights play off of it nicely. At the end, steps leading up to the alter.

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