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The Wildmen Zoo

By Thewildmen
The Wildmen Zoo
The Wildmen Zoo
The Wildmen Zoo

Normally we don’t do zoos but when we heard that the most dangerous zoo in the world was not far from Buenos Aires, we couldn’t resist. The zoo wasn’t very spectacular at first sight and if it wasn’t for that you could interact with the animals directly, it would probably be the worst zoo in the world. When we were visiting the lion cage we did all possible mistakes you can do; touching the head, playing to roughly with them - one even made an attack and started to bite Chris’s leg, but it all ended well and they finished the match by shaking pawns (which also, by the way, is strictly forbidden) .

/Chris and DJ
The Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen Zoo
The Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen Zoo
The Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen Zoo
The Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen Zoo
The Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen ZooThe Wildmen Zoo

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