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The Waiting Game

By Kimkircher

Around my house, we are playing a waiting game. We are waiting for the ski season to start. Specifically, we are waiting to see if the storms will line up in the Pacific and bring enough snow to open the slopes. The forecast models show some promise. The snow currently on the ground is encouraging. We have six inches of solid base material up high–a mix of styrofoam and crust layers. It’s the kind of snow you wouldn’t want to ski, but nicely covers over the rocks and stumps and creek beds. Currently (as of 8 am Tuesday morning) it is starting to snow lightly–just a little chicken dandruff to tease me.

I’m not going to obsess over this.

Really. I’m not.

The Waiting Game

I want to believe

But waiting is hard. If all goes according to the forecast, we could get a few storms starting this weekend. The question remains to be the snow level. Luckily, we have the gondola. That means if we get enough snow in Green Valley, we could open the upper mountain. Granted, we’d rather open it all up at once.

So for now it’s a waiting game. On the other hand, Winter Storm Brutus dumped a few feet of snow at Brighton and it opens today. Cypress Mountain opens tomorrow. Maybe time for a road trip.

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