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The Uncommon Dog: Products for Pet Safety and Comfort

By David13676 @dogspired

The Uncommon Dog: products for pet safety and comfortThe Uncommon Dog cares about canine safety and comfort by offering dog car seats and dog ramps. This thoughtful company treats dogs like family members, and they want to keep them safe like a treasured member of the family.

Our dogs go everywhere with us, so keeping them safe and secure by using dog car seats lets the whole family relax. When we bring the family dog along for a road trip, we don’t necessarily think about safety first, but an unsecured animal can both cause an accident and be hurt in an accident. The Uncommon Dog offers a wide array of canine car seats that can ensure your dog stays safe and secure, and keeping the dog safe keeps the whole family safe.

A dog that jumps around the car can obscure a driver’s vision, can be a distraction, or can be hurt by sudden starts and stops or sharp turns. An untethered dog involved in a car accident can be thrown from the car and lost. Not only does a dog car seat keep a dog settled into one spot, the pup has a comfortable seat to relax in, and smaller dogs get a boost to see out the window.

The Uncommon Dog: products for pet safety and comfort
Comfort and safety don’t stop at the car. Sometimes size, age, or injury prevents our best friend from relaxing in their favorite spaces such as on the couch or the bed. The Uncommon Dog’s dog ramps and dog stairs give a canine companion the freedom to get back into these favorite places. A small dog’s short legs, weight gain, disease such as arthritis, joint pain, or an injury may inhibit their access to furniture. These popular products provide an easy and gentle way for your dog to climb into bed or up on the couch without pressure on their joints or stress on their bones.

Even if not suffering from ailments, jumping up and down from a favorite perch over time can cause wear and tear on a dog’s joints and bones and an aging dog may experience a decrease in mobility. They are able to maintain their independence by choosing when they get up or down and being able to do it alone, and you aren’t left with an aching back from picking your pup up.

To see the full line of dog car seats, dog ramps, and steps, visit TheUncommonDog.com.

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