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The Top 10 Oldest Peerage Title in the UK

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10
The Top 10 Oldest Peerage Title in the UKThe Top 10 Oldest Peerage Title in the UK

While many people would think the Queen of England is the oldest peerage title in the UK there are others that are so old, they have long been forgotten about. But there are also some that are still used today and they have been used for thousands of years…

The Top 10 Oldest Peerage Title in the UK

Baron AudleyBaron Audley

10 – Baron Audley (Year Created: 1313)

Wiki Info: Baron Audley is a title in the Peerage of England first created in 1313, by writ to the Parliament of England, for Sir Nicholas Audley of Heighley Castle, a member of the Anglo-Norman Audley family of Staffordshire.

Baron BeaumontBaron Beaumont

9 – Baron Beaumont (Year Created: 1309)

Wiki Info: In 1840 the abeyance of the barony was terminated in favour of Miles Thomas Stapleton who was called to the peerage as the 8th Baron Beaumont. The 8th Baron was succeeded by his sons Henry and Miles, the 9th and 10th Barons respectively. The barony was briefly in abeyance again following the death of the 10th Baron and was called out in favour of his daughter, Mona, in 1896.

Baron ZoucheBaron Zouche

8 – Baron Zouche (Year Created: 1308)

Wiki Info: The la Zouche family descended from Alan la Zouche, lord of the manor of North Molton in North Devon, England, originally called Alain de Porhoët or Ceoche, who was a Breton nobleman who settled in England during the reign of King Henry II.

Baron Strange of KnokinBaron Strange of Knockin

7 – Baron Strange of Knockin (Year Created: 1299)

Wiki Info: Baron Strange is a title that has been created several times in the Peerage of England. Two creations, one in 1295 and another in 1325, had only one holder each, upon the death of whom they became extinct. Two of the creations are extant. All four baronies of Strange have been created by writ, which means that they can pass through both male and female lines.

Baron de CliffordBaron de Clifford

6 – Baron de Clifford (Year Created: 1299)

Wiki Info: The barony of de Clifford was claimed in 1628 by his daughter and only child, Anne Clifford, but the House of Lords postponed the hearing. The barony remained dormant until 1678, when Nicholas Tufton, 3rd Earl of Thanet, was allowed to claim the peerage and became the fifteenth Baron de Clifford.

Baron ClintonBaron Clinton

5 – Baron Clinton (Year Created: 1298)

Wiki Info: The peerage was created by writ, which means that it can descend through both male and female lines. It is thus one of the most ancient English titles still in existence. The first Baron’s great-great-great-grandson, the fifth Baron, fought on the Yorkist side in the Wars of the Roses.

Baron HastingsBaron Hastings

4 – Baron Hastings (Year Created: 1290)

Wiki Info: John Hastings was summoned to the Model Parliament as Lord Hastings on 23 June 1295. He was the son of Henry de Hastings, who had been created Baron Hastings by Simon de Montfort in 1263. Since the first Baron’s title does not appear to have been recognised by the King, although his son John Hastings is sometimes referred to as the second Baron Hastings.

Baron Mowbray and StourtonBaron Mowbray and Stourton

3 – Baron Mowbray and Stourton (Year Created: 1283)

Wiki Info: Baron Stourton is a title in the Peerage of England, the ancient barony of Mowbray was called out of abeyance in favour of the twentieth Baron Stourton. About two weeks later, the barony of Segrave was also called out of abeyance in his favour.

Baron de RosBaron de Ros

2 – Baron de Ros (Year Created: 1264)

Wiki Info: On 24 December 1264 Robert de Ros was summoned to Simon de Montfort’s Parliament in London and for some time it was considered that the barony was created by writ in that year, giving it precedence over all other English titles unless certain doubtful contentions concerning the title of the Earl of Arundel were accepted.

Earl of MarEarl of Mar

1 – Earl of Mar (Year Created: 1115)

Wiki Info: The title Mormaer or Earl of Mar has been created several times, all in the Peerage of Scotland. The first and seventh creations are currently extant and held by different individuals. The first creation of the earldom was originally the provincial ruler of the province of Mar in north-eastern Scotland.

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