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The Three Realities in a Sustainable Startup

Posted on the 14 February 2011 by Cameronchell

There isn’t one definitive management alignment technique. Individuals react differently a to different technique, that’s what makes them individuals, yet all these techniques are put in place to create alignment and a focused outcome. We have found that alignment is fostered and grown in environments which recognize the realities of the individuals and not broad stroke techniques.

In theory all alignment methodology is only as good as the groups understanding of it. In order to create this understanding you need to do what your sales people advocate, go to where your audience is. There is no overarching style which will create alignment, there are however levels of understanding which create that foundation of alignment within your corporate culture.

To develop this understanding we like to look at the three realities of alignment.

1) My Reality

2) Your Reality

3) Everything out of our control.

These realities are based not only on our own experiences but our own unique biases that we place on these situations and experiences. People are individuals, we all process information, emotion and experiences differently, and due to this we will each have our own unique realities.

A large portion of managers, and the old style of business itself, believe that alignment is top down. It’s all about getting your team to do what you want them to do for the reasons that you want it done. In doing so the create an environment where goals are dangled in front of them and kept just out of reach for long enough.

In the 2.0 world this style of management doesn’t fit and it isn’t sustainable. It’s simply no longer the reality, for management to work there has to be a foundation of understanding created, from the bottom up.

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