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The Strange Elegance Of The Giraffe-Necked Antelope

By Gerard @presurfer
The Strange Elegance Of The Giraffe-Necked Antelopeimage credit
Found in Eastern Africa ranging from Somalia to Kenya there is a slightly odd looking long-necked creature that is reminiscent of a giraffe but that is one thing it most certainly is not.
With large eyes and ears and an incredibly slender neck, you may be forgiven for thinking that the Giraffe-necked Antelope was actually thought up in the Disney Studio rather than occurring in the wild steppes of East Africa.
This unusual and elegant beast is a great survivor - and it possibly owes its continued existence to its wonderfully long neck. When you realize how high the animal stretches in order to feed, you can imagine many an African folk-story being handed down through the generations to explain how it came to get that way.The Presurfer

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