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The Shopping Ban

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
I have joined Tanvii (its the same blog which inspired me to start one of my own) in the shopping ban. Read on to know more.
  • What? No Shopping – No clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, cosmetics, books, gadgets, basics, linen. Exhaustive enough? I think so. Fingers crossed. Food, toiletries, medicines, fuel are the allowed items.
  • Whys – Part 1? Every Saturday, more than an hour goes into organizing my stuff. Each time I do that, I realize I have too many options of everything. Many items are underutilized, and I really do not ‘need’ anything more. Of course, these voices silent themselves each time I walk into a store with a dazzling display. I want this conflict to stop.
  • Whys – Part 2? An important personal goal for 2013 reads ‘Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle’, which in essence means to lessen my operating cost on an ongoing basis. A shopping ban may just be the first step towards achieving this goal by the end of this year.
  • When?  I will do it for a month to start with. I have chosen the shortest month, i.e. Feb-0 1- 2013 to Feb-28-2013.
  • How? Like all the anon-forums advertise, I will not make it a goal of 28 days. I will make no-shopping a one day goal that I need to meet for 28 consecutive days. Weekends would be the most troublesome, but I am confident I shall row through. Wish me luck.
  • The Result - What I think it will lead to? My wardrobe will be better utilized. I will learn some self-restraint. Hopefully, I will have something more in my bank account. I might step upon some new things to do in the time that I end up saving.
Anyone who wishes to join the ban may tag themselves into it. Let us bring it on! 

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