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The Royal Wedding

By Claire

I’m sat watching the royal wedding commentary on the BBC this morning as I type. It’s fascinating to see how the nation – led by the media – becomes so involved in the wedding day.

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette
I was asked on Twitter yesterday about coverage of the royal wedding on this blog. “Surely it’s the ultimate English wedding?” @katylunsford asked me. And I’ve been considering the question since then.

Kate and William: the ultimate English Wedding?

Yes, in that the UK’s media is entirely tuned in. (Even as I put the tv on this morning, it was on Channel 5 from last night, and the kids’ tv presenter and his mascot were in capes and crowns.)

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette
Yes, in that the world is watching! TV crews from around the world are in London to report on the big day. Why we’re having an Olympics next year I’ve no idea. The royal wedding is THE big event.

Yes, in that twitter is full of #royalwedding chat. The wedding suppliers and brides to be I follow on twitter are talking of nothing else. Tellies are on, and we’re all watching – and it’s not even 10 o’clock!

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette

Yes, in that the wedding industry’s finest are involved. Whatever we see – the quality will be as good as it gets. The dress, the flowers, the catering naturally! will be perfect. Westminster Abbey has surprised me already… will there be a shift in trends from wedding flowers to wedding trees?!

Yes, in that this wedding is uniting a lot of the country. Despite the reported lack of applications for street parties, there are events everywhere: stately homes and wedding venues, big screens in parks and cities, pubs and private parties. I think that’s lovely. There’s a real sense of excitement, which is fab.

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette

The Royal Wedding: Excellence and Etiquette

And yet… I’d rather be watching your wedding!

Every wedding blogger has their personality, their brand and their own approach to the wedding industry. For the English Wedding Blog – it’s all about love, individuality and creativity.

Royalty they may be, but Kate and William aren’t the only couple getting married today. And I’m reluctant to say any one wedding is better than another. Money and tv crews aren’t everything! If you’re getting married today, I hope you have a truly wonderful wedding day.

Weddings are for people in love. There’ll be just as much love at your wedding as there will at Kate and Will’s! And it’s the love that makes a wedding special for me, not the pomp and ceremony.

I’m looking forward to seeing the details of the royal wedding. The dress, Kate’s accessories and bridal bouquet especially. I’m sure they’ll be lavish, expensive, one-of-a-kind and incredibly beautiful.

Weddings, individuality and creativity – yours will be amazing!

But creativity is what inspires me, and creativity is what makes English Weddings. Sometimes planning a wedding on a tight budget can inspire the most creative and exciting details and decor for a wedding day.

The one thing Kate and William may not have is freedom to be individual and exciting: elegance and wealth is fabulous, but on royal wedding day what’s important to me is that English Wedding readers remember: YOUR wedding is going to be every bit as special as the one we’re all watching today.

Whatever you’re doing, however you’ll be spending the royal wedding day – have fun, enjoy the celebrations and keep smiling.

Claire xx

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