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The Problem with Arizona

Posted on the 08 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Here's an interesting comment on my post entitled 5-Year Old Tucson Girl Dead.
Anonymous said:
Gun Laws are not the problem in Arizona. We have more good guys with guns here than bad guys! That is how it should be! The problem is careless and uneducated gun owners. I would say the majority of people that live in states like Arizona are gun savvy and aware of how you should store your gun. It is very sad that this happened, but gun laws would not change a damn thing about it. Except when gang bangers or other unlawful gun owners have kids visit or live in their homes they would have to ask that the guns be locked up, good luck with that! It is our right as Americans to protect ourselves and our families with whatever means necessary, education is a means, so is vigilance. 

I responded:
Anonymous, Thanks for visiting this old post and sharing your ideas.
I respectfully disagree with the part about laws not being helpful in stopping things like this.
This part I found interesting.
It is our right as Americans to protect ourselves and our families with whatever means necessary, education is a means, so is vigilance.
I would agree that we all have the right to use education and vigilance to protect our families, but not guns. In spite of what the Supreme Court said recently, I don't think gun ownership is an individual "right." That's not to say guns should illegal and banned, not at all. I just don't accept the 2nd Amendment arguments for justifying gun ownership.
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