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The Pound Cake Recipe: to Eat Or Not to Eat a Pound Cake?

By Rachel

The Pound Cake Recipe: to eat or not to eat a Pound Cake?

When my husband reaches for any kind of cake all I see is a chart from the doctors office showing his cholesterol high numbers. I beg him to choose fruits instead, even a yogurt with some blueberries thrown in. But I don't blame him, I sure can't resist a good tuxedo cake or cheesecake when it's there staring at me. Someone recently brought me a Pound Cake, home baked and I asked for the recipe, the ingredients for a traditional Pound Cake are:
1 pound cake flour (3-1/2 cups)1 pound butter (2 cups)1 pound sugar (2-1/4 cups)1 pound eggs (9 large)2 tablespoons vanilla or brandy
The last ingredient is my favorite but let's face it the rest is a turn off entirely. One pound of butter? Nine eggs!! Please pass me that delicious organic apple and put the tea kettle on for some fat burning green tea. One pound of sugar? I pour my 2-1/4 cups and stare at it, wow! Too much sugar isn't a good thing, I'm sure you'll agree, and whether you switch from refined sugar to evaporated cane sugar, it makes really no difference. I believe the best practice is simply to reduce your intake of sugar. Stevia is a great alternative. 
But wait! ... If you must have your Pound Cake, I found a good organic recipe, it is also perfect for those who are gluten intolerant:
3 1/2 cups white rice flour 
1 tbsp. baking powder 
1/4 tsp. salt 
1 cup organic butter 
2 cups organic evaporated cane sugar 
4 organic eggs 
1 tsp. gluten-free vanilla extract 
1 cup milk (soy milk or orange juice works too)

The reason I have Pound Cake on my mind is because it's March 4th, yes, the official Pound Cake Day! (or a clever holiday gimmick someone invented to justify eating unhealthy, weight gaining, cholesterol rising cake). The cake got its name from the fact that one pound of each ingredient is used to make the traditional British cake that dates back to 1700's. To celebrate my day, I will bake. Making it somewhat healthier with organic products adds a dash of consciousness. While I still feel avoiding cakes altogether would be the ideal, occasionally gathering in the kitchen with your young daughter(s) or son(s) and baking, creates wonderful memories and you spend some quality time together. It also makes the home smell good

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