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The Physics Of Cheating In Baseball

By Gerard @presurfer
The Physics Of Cheating In Baseballimage credit
Cheating in sports might be as old as the race between the tortoise and the hare. But not all trickery actually works, especially in baseball. A corked bat can hit the ball farther, right? That's a myth, say physicists studying the national pastime. And can making a baseball moister really thwart a slugger from putting one in the bleachers? Well, maybe - depending on how hot it is outside.
To separate fact from fiction, four scientists from three universities spent days firing baseballs at bats. The results are published in 'Corked Bats, Juiced Balls, and Humidors: The Physics of Cheating in Baseball' in the June issue of the American Journal of Physics.
(via DayRiffer)The Presurfer

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