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The Perfect Spring Platform Sandals

By Janehspark

TUESDAY TIP:  Neutral sandals are perfect for spring, especially when they are platform sandals that combine patent leather, reptile print and wood.  I’m SURE that donning them will conjure up spring flowers and hasten the arrival of sunshine . . .

Oh how I love my new spring sandals, let me count the ways:

  • I love thy magical combination of height and comfort – 4 1/2 inches never felt so good.  Thank goodness for platforms!  Why worry about taking off inches horizontally when you can add so many vertically?
  • I love thy unique combination of patent leather, faux reptile print (my favorite kind), and wood.
  • I love thy lovely neutral creamy tan color, which goes with everything and is leg lengthening.  And looks amazing with my new Natalie Julep Nail Vernis.
  • I love thy availability for late night ordering and convenient delivery to my doorstep from


The perfect spring platform sandals


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