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The Pentagon Is Spending Money On Klingon Research In An Effort To Become Less Cool

By Nottheworstnews

CNBC reports that the Pentagon is spending money on Klingon Research.

Specifically, the Pentagon paid nearly $100,000 on a workshop session called “Did Jesus Die for Klingons, Too?”

3 Bigger Wastes Of Government Money Than Klingon Workshop Sessions.

1. Klingon Focus Groups. We’re not saying Klingon focus groups are responsible for the movie Here Comes The Boom… but if you have a more likely focus group to blame feel free to comment below.

2. Klingon Woodworking sessions. Klingons have starships! Do they really need to know how to whittle a piece of wood into a useless whittle, that has no chance of battling opponents’ starships?

3. A $200,000 study determining why a $100,000 study was conducted on Klingons with a massive national debt, and Klingons being fictional characters. Especially, when we’re pretty sure that for $100,000 we could whittle a team of Klingons to solve this apparent dilemma!

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