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The Office Roars

By Immydog
The other day, the staff was conversing in the general office.  My four year old son, Connor, was "assisting" us that day by telecasting the "Ghostbusters" movie for our entertainment pleasure since he had no daycare.  Taking a break from busting ghosts, he stood amongst the women while they chatted.
Kassy, one of my assistants, was standing behind Connor, and she began gently running her fingers through his soft red hair as the conversation continued. 
Connor rolls his eyes up as if trying to look at her fingers as they roll through his hair, and asks, "What are you doing?"
She responds, "I'm playing with your hair."
He turns, looks at her, and states matter of fact-ly,   "I am not a toy."
The Office Roars
The roar of laughter emanating from the general office was deafening...
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