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The Neverending Story *7/30*

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
This beautiful piece was found once more in Sweden. This isn't a vintage piece but it is a fantastic example of how vintage fashion has become ubiquitous in every day Swedish clothing stores. When I saw this on the rack I felt like I was pulling out a delicate négligée that would be hidden away in the dark corners of an attic inside some dusty wooden chest. When I put it on though, I couldn't help but be reminded of The Never ending Story and the beautiful Child who was called the Empress throughout most of the film and then who is named at the end of the film in a scene where I never am able to hold back tears. The Never Ending Story is a wonderful movie from my childhood and I find that if you didn't see it when you were a child and don't have that emotional connection to it from childhood it doesn't seem to translate as well to viewings today. That being said, it is one of my favorite films and I highly suggest you give it a go if you have not already seen it.
This is another lacey dress but this one has a lot more layers to it and the sleeves are something that I adore.  I have always been a fan of flouncy sleeves. I had this one sweater which everyone at school so "loving" (insert sarcasm here) called Mr. Shakespeare sweater which had HUGE frilly sleeves. I loved that top even though I never ceased to stop dragging in through food, paint or dirt unknowingly and then realizing I was covered in it hours later. But nonetheless, there is something so lovely about a light sleeve grazing your shoulders in the summer and since it is a an organza fabric with lace detailing it is so light and airy and keeps the sun off my shoulders which is ever so perfect in the scalding hot sun and my ever so white skin.
I was having a discussion with someone lately about very pale people wearing white. Not long ago, I wasn't a fan of white or ivory as I felt it made look paler and I was very shy and ashamed of being so pale. But as I've grown and grown into my skin (literally and figuratively), I've come to a loving truce with my skin and from time to time I really love showing off my freckled, white alabaster skin and there's nothing better to do with with than a lovely white dress.
IMG_8869   IMG_8859.1
I've had a mad week over here in Toronto. Job interviews, moving a friend to his new apartment, old friend meet ups, lots of work on my online Magazine (more on that to come soon), and late night chats with lovely blog friends. I cannot believe it is already the weekend. Phew. How was everyone's week?
I want to take a moment to thank all my lovely subscribers (so many new people this week!) I adore hearing from you and getting to know more and more people in this lovely community. I will be opening up an etsy store soon selling my fascinators and I can't wait to give away one to one of my lovely lucky readers! I promise this will happen before the end of June - but keep on me about it just in case ;)  A big shout out to Virginie from Virginie's Cinema, she was so kind to give me a write up the other week and she is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen and a fellow Canadian! Please, if you do not already read her blog - get on that right away! Her fantastically bright and vivacious style is something I hope to emulate more of this summer. She is also doing the 30 in 30 and her style remixes have been really amazing.
I'll be seeing you more this weekend so stay tuned! How is everyone else doing on their 30 in 30?

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