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The Luckiest Criminal in the World

Posted on the 25 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Actually we've already named one guy that. Maybe there's a trend beginning of police restraint.
News Channel 5 has the report.
A convicted burglar is back behind bars after police say he pulled a loaded gun on the wrong people.
Two detectives tried to Arrest 25 year old Stephen Ammons near Smith Springs Recreation Area. But instead of complying, they say Ammons started running, and threatened them with a pistol.
Ammons eventually put the gun down and the detectives arrested him. Police say the gun was cocked with a round in the chamber.
What does police restraint mean, in the exact same circumstances which are so often used as justification for killing the suspect? I think it means that some of those other cases are not so justified. What's your opinion?
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