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The Laughable Self-Centeredness of the Gun Crowd

Posted on the 16 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
On View from the Porch, Tam had the following incisive observation on international politics.
Further, while we're taking sides in an armed revolt in Libya, the Syrians are mowing down unarmed demonstrators with impunity without a peep from NATO, because the Syrians, unlike the comic-opera Libyans, might actually shoot back.
You get that? It's because the Syrians "might actually shoot back" that NATO is afraid to intervene. Is that a riot, or what?  The extreme gun fanatic, represented here by Tamara K. of the enlightened state of Indiana, but quite prevalent throughout the country, sees everything in terms of guns or the lack thereof. This narcissism, this self-absorption manifests itself in all kinds of comical ways, like in today's post. And notice how perfectly it fits into that self-aggrandizing delusion which I call the molon labe nonsense.
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