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The Last Day of First Grade

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Today is the last day of school and I'm so happy about it. We'll have a few months without the morning "you are going to miss the bus" panic.  We'll have a few months without the evening "what's for lunch tomorrow" debate.  We'll have a few months without homework, reading assignments and missing glasses. 
What won't change is the time we spend going through all the papers we get from the school.  Every day their backpacks have something that needs our attention.  The girls have spent the last week cleaning out their school classroom and desks, bringing home enormous amounts of stuff.  Rather than a folder of stuff each day, we've been getting a full backpack and a big shopping bag of stuff home every day. 
It will take us all summer just to go through all the piles, binders, folders and envelopes.  By the time we get through the first grade stuff, it will be time for second grade to start.

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