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The Land of Rich and Powerful.

By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar
It was midnight but a long cue was waiting for the opening of shop to take hold of it. They were waiting for over a month to get hold of this thing which would increase their status. The government has also taken necessary steps to promote the sale of this thing in our country. Prime Minister also uses it and wants this unique item in hands of every Indian that’s why he has given favorable conditions to this US Company to Make in India.  I hope this would increase the sale of this product in India.

It was 6 am in the morning.  People were waiting for shop opening to buy essential items used daily in homes. They work hard to earn money for buying these products. The price of one of the product has risen so much that they were going away without buying it. The government despite of poor monsoon was not prepared for this to happen. Perhaps so many options in food items restricted government to make policy for it. This is product of India so PM is also not bothered for its availability in the country.

The Land of Rich and Powerful.
Are you wondering what I am talking about or have you guessed the commodities I am talking about? The first thing for which a class of citizen only 1% of total population is bothered is new luxurious iPhone 6 and the second thing which became out of reach for about 40% population and is burning holes in the pockets of rest of the population is essential pulses. Its an irony that pulses are costlier than chicken in a country which is promoting vegetarianism (but only among poor as canned and processed beef is available in luxurious hotels for the guests). 

The Land of Rich and Powerful.
Bhook Gayi, Vyapar Gaya, Gaya Desh Se Pyaar,Aise Achche Din Ka Kisko Tha Intezaar.                 

High rises came on public village land in Noida (U.P) which was now ordered by court to vacate within two months. First villagers suffered and now middle class who bought those flats are suffering, the rich and powerful builders who used their influences to illegally own these lands earned a huge sum of money will now let off with meager compensations. 
Governments in this country are working in giving more money and power to rich and powerful and for the poor they have communal riots, eating habit debates, religious extremism, burden of culture and traditions, regionalism and other such issues to divert this 99% population from wrongdoings of that 1% population. Some intellectuals (writers, scholars) when question this attitude of governments they were declared as anti-national by people within the government. Recent reactions of government on returning of Sahitya Academy Awards by some writers could make you believe that these writers are actually terrorists.
I have no words to give my concluding remarks for this situation. Day after day country's situation is deteriorating and I see nothing happening on this front. This government is failure at every step be it foreign policy, economic policy or social policy. The steps taken by previous government for their uplift has been revoked or diluted by this government. Intolerance is on a rise and common people are also frustrated. Pollution, environmental issues, gender equality, hunger and other issues like that have no place in public discussion. I am ending with these words, 'God Bless India!' 

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