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The Ideal 'Personality' For A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

By Gerard @presurfer
The Ideal 'Personality' For A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
What would be the ideal 'personality' for a robotic vacuum cleaner? This is a perplexing question, since at the moment robotic vacuum cleaners tend to have little or no personality to speak of. Nevertheless, despite the challenges of future-gazing, it has recently been investigated by a research group in the The Netherlands.
Part of the study involved a group of human actors, who were asked to act like a robotic vacuum cleaner. Eight women and seven men watched a video of the robotic vacuum actors, and were asked to rate the displayed personality traits.
We have investigated what kind of personality is desired for a robotic vacuum cleaner and found that people prefer a calm, polite, and cooperative robot vacuum cleaner that works efficiently, systematically and likes routines.
(via J-Walk Blog)The Presurfer

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