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The Earth Day

Posted on the 22 April 2011 by Gabe12logan
The Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April in over 190 countries worldwide. At the UNESCO conference in 1969 John McConnell was first introduced the idea of celebrating Earth Day and at the same year flag of the Earth was designed , and the name of Earth Day was first used on 21st March by mayor of San Francisco Joseph Alioto in 1969th, in a proclamation which was decided that the city and the area of San Francisco celebrate as a Earth Day.
Earth Day is officially celebrated since 1992 when the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, attended by many representatives of governments and NGOs conform far-reaching program to promote sustainable development. On the proposal of the Bolivian government in 2009 the General Assembly of the United Nations on 22nd April declared the international day of Mother Earth.
The Earth Day
Earth Day each year marks on 22nd April with the intention of raising awareness and respect people for the natural environment of our planet. Today, Earth Day is a global initiative aimed to protect the natural resources of our planet and is celebrated in over 190 countries.
Earth Day is a day when we should remember that we only have one home and we need to keep it clean. The individual still bears responsibility for the planet on which he lives and can no longer hide behind the masses and society. Recycling and ecology are becoming like personal hygiene of a human.
Earth Day is dedicated to preserving the planet we live on. Although today the environmental awareness at a much higher level than some decades ago, the man still has a negative impact on the planet on which he lives. The paradigm of sustainable development today often languishing before the demands for ever-faster development. Most developed countries now trying to take care of our environment and reduce the adverse effects on him, even though the methods being used sometimes have negative consequences. This year, Earth Day's theme is themed after A Billion Acts of Green.

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