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The Copper Age - Magnetic Revelations - Neodynium

Posted on the 17 November 2012 by Freeplanet
why is it we hear so much on History shows about the Iron Age and the Bronze Age but so little about the Copper Age (which preceded them all)?
Copper was first utilised in its raw form about 8,000 years before Bronze or Iron, and what's so special about Copper? Well, its magnetic/electrical properties. Hell, most of our electrical conductor technology is based around copper wiring. In fact, there's evidence of copper-vinegar lamps being used in ancient civilisations.
Now, you can magnetise a lump of iron by heating it or you can find it already magnetised in the form of magnetite aka the 'lodestone' of ancient mariner.

Watching this neodynium magnet falling slowly and smoothly through a copper pipe have led several researchers to suggest that 'somehow' this mechanism was used to grab and place the massive stone steps of the ancient Aztec and Egyptian pyramids and their enormous single block obelisks, a sort of anti-gravity Pyramid-building tool. If so, that's a proper lost (or suppressed) art right there.
Copper, magic stuff. But maybe it's the NEODYMIUM that's the real magic - who knows?The Copper Age - magnetic revelations - neodynium

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