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The Best of Both Worlds

By Newsanchormom

The Best of Both Worlds
I hope a lot of business owners read this article in the Wall Street Journal. It says businesses who give hard working moms flexible and fewer hours in exchange for less pay, end up with better outcomes. I totally agree! Many women can't afford to and maybe don't want to completely give up their careers when they start a family. Fewer hours and flexible hours is the key to keeping smart women in the workforce. Research shows you are better off keeping these people as employees as opposed to hiring someone who is mediocre, yet willing to work 60 hours a week.
FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:Instead of treating such women as pathetic losers to be jettisoned for a new crop of recruits, she argued, companies should recognize them as a "precious resource." Such women could bring experience, continuity and talent to middle-management jobs traditionally occupied by short-termers on their way up or "mediocre" men whose ambitions outstripped their ability.

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