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The Bees Knees

By Seamssewcreative
Today is the first post in little tour of the places now carrying my headbands! This shop is called The Bees Knees. If you live in Phoenix it is located on 16th street just south of Oak. You can't miss the mural that takes up one entire exterior wall of the complex.
Julia (the shop owner) is a former work mate, she was the librarian and the school I taught at. Now she has ventured into the world of the vintage clothing/handmade craft boutique. Her store is just beautiful! Everything in it, from the lighting, to the changing rooms, to the little nick knacks and conveniently placed baby toys, is just too cute. So cute in fact, words don't do it justice, so here are some photos...
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees
Super cute, right?
Happy sewing,

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