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The A Blog - Nostradamus

By Theablogger @TheABlogger
The A Blog - Nostradamus
Now now everyone if there's one thing that's really starting to piss me off its this whole 'were all gonna die in 2012'. Wheres the logic with this. Because somebody said it will happen. Well if i say tomorrow i predict family guy will be on TV and then it is on does that mean im a psychic? Or does it mean i guessed?
Please someone explain to me why we are gonna die. Go on. And if we are all going to die in a year then shouldn't we all be out enjoying whats left. I don't see anyone doing that. So maybe nobody actually believes it at heart. Im just saying. But if we do all die in 2012 then i have no problem with everyone telling me i was wrong.
Bare this in mind though. I predict that we wont all die in 2012. The world will not endc in 2012! And if im right then i should be as famous as Nostradamus who started all this.

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