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Tenka Gammelgaard

By Nordicbliss @NordicBliss

Hello again! I have had a lovely holiday in Denmark with my family – lots o fod and sleep :) We were in an old beach house with no internet connection so I am now trying to catch up on replying to comments from you all. Glad to be back and would love to hear what you’ve been up to.

Tenka Gammelgaard

Tenka Gammelgaard

Tenka Gammelgaard

I read on Maria Soxbo’s blog Husligheter that she interviewed Tenka Gammelgaard for Casa Vogue Brasil. From what Maria writes on her blog (as I couldn’t read the article in Casa Vogue in Portuguese) Tenka seems like a very very interesting woman. Apparently she only wears white during the summer and in the winter her whole outfit is black.

Tenka Gammelgaard

Tenka Gammelgaard

I have blogged about Tenka’s wonderfully artistic home before but I cannot help posting about it again. The talented photograher Idha Lindhag has captured the home perfectly.

Tenka Gammelgaard

Tenka Gammelgaard


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