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Taste Tuesdays: Your Pie

By Shawndrarussell
Your Pie is a new order-and-add pizza franchise much like a Quiznos or Subway where the pizza starts with a 10-inch dough, then you can either make your own by adding ingredients or ask for one of their specialty pizzas that they have tried and tested for deliciousness. The concept is genius, giving everyone the opportunity to get whatever they like on their own personal pizza instead of compromising with friends or family about what toppings to add. I ordered "The Nat"--one of their "our favorites"--with chicken, pesto, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and a few cheeses. They also have calzones, bread bowl salads, paninis, and Gelato. An added bonus besides the wonderful pizzas with fresh ingredients and a personal touch? They have a good craft beer selection that perfectly compliments your personal pizza. Magnifico!
It started in Athens, Georgia and has spread up to Tennessee, down to Florida, and next over to Alabama, taking the South by storm. The average investment ranges from $160,000-$325,000, and there are only 8 locations currently open, with 9 more scheduled to open soon. The Savannah owner, Paul Childers, told South Magazine his downtown location is doing well making about 160 pizzas a day--well enough that he wants to eventually open a few more Your Pie's in the Savannah. Savannahians are obviously happy for this new restaurant!

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