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Taliban Commander Mullah Nazir Critically Injured in Suicide Blast

Posted on the 29 November 2012 by Azharnadeem
Mullah Nazir

Taliban Commander Mullah Nazir critically injured in suicide blast

Taliban commander Mullah Nazir was critically injured on Thursday when a motorcyclist suicide blew himself up near his convey in South Waziristan’s largest town Wana. Six of his men were killed in the blast and nine others sustained injuries.

Mullah Nazir’s car and several nearby shops and vehicles were also damaged in the blast. All injured including the Taliban commander have been shifted to the nearby hospital.

According to local administration officials, the age of bomber was between 10 to 15.

Intense firing has been heard in the area after explosion and the shops are reportedly closed down. Mullah Nazir is considered as a ‘good Taliban’ by the Pakistani military and intelligence establishment because his group does not have a particular agenda against Pakistani government or state.

Mullah Nazir, who also served as the head of Aman Committee, has been repeatedly targeted by the US drones.

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By Azfar Siddiqui
posted on 14 December at 19:31
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They may have made a progress in flushing out Taliban from the area but drones are not the ultimate solution to curb the activities of the Taliban. Drones collateral damage is high which can result in more talibanization and radicalization and it has affected the Pak U.S relation to a great extent. Also, Govt is trying its best to restore order and calm in the dangerous territories.

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