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Talent Or Popularity

Posted on the 27 May 2011 by Nicelise
Talent or PopularitySo, a new American Idol was crowned this week. I didn't watch this season, or any other season of the show, but I did watch the finale. Based on entertainment news I heard throughout the season of the show, it sort of seemed as though the most talented contestants didn't make it to the end.
Does this make sense? The most talented contestants in a talent contest weren't still standing at the end of the contest. To me, this doesn't make sense. But, more times than I can count, whether in my life or on reality talent shows, the best person for the job doesn't necessarily get the job -- the most popular person does.
This even happens in the work force with grown adults, especially in the industry I'm in. While your skills and past experience play important roles for moving up, the deciding factor between you and another person can come down to who they know.
Is anyone else sick of this trend?
The popular person winning despite someone else being more qualified or talented?
She's pretty. He is soo cute. She's my friend. Mr. Professional So-and-So recommended him. 

These are just some reasons people vote for and hire people. When and why did talent take the backseat?
It kind of makes you think what the world would be like if the best person for the job always got the job.
xoxo Nickie

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