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Taking Care of Elders

By Kcaiyah
We should take care of our elderly for the fact that they have done enough for the country and for the world. Now that they are not able to stand on their own and they lack the energy that once was theirs, we have to be considerate and give them a little more importance than what they get.
Just recently, I've come across a website called It gives out advices on how we can handle things needed most by elderly ones such as in-depth information and helpful checklists about a variety of caregiving topics; on-call professional care managers who possess the expertise and experience necessary to help navigate through the maze of caregiving. 
Taking Care of Elders
Last semester, I and my batchmates, VIDAS, went to a home for the aged here in Iligan City to share a little laughter, chitchat and food. It is indeed true that most of the elders in the home for the aged cannot walk already. Among those that are most needed by elders are walkers with brakes which will be helpful when they want to roam around.
 It was really fun to be with old people. You learn a lot from their experiences. You will be stunned by their stories. You will never lose hope for the fact that they are a living proof of how beautiful life can be, despite of the circumstances.
Taking Care of Elders
It's not true that old people are boring. They have more to tell us than the young ones. We are just too busy to listen to them. It is actually more rewarding to make them smile. :)
photos are by Sittie Ibrahim. Taking Care of Elders

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