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Tablescape in Pink - 138th Tablescape Thursday

By Brii

finally just the two of us, my hub and me!
finally Spring is here!finally I get the chance to post for Tablescape Thursday!!If you drop by at Susan's you will learn about her incredible Giveaway this week.tablescape in pink - 138th tablescape thursday
the other day I went to buy some gift bags with two of my friends, Simoo and Nadia.
I found this beautiful pink eggs made of grass. I just couldn't resist.
my intention was to make a sky blue and brown tablescape for
Easter, but I think I just changed my mind! :-DD
happy tablescape thursday to everyone, and do remember to drop by my fellow bloggers to see what they have come up with!
tablescape pink eggs & gerberatablescape pink eggs & gerberatablescape pink eggs & gerberatablescape pink eggs & gerbera
tablescape pink eggs & gerbera
tablescape pink eggs & gerbera
tablescape pink eggs & gerbera
tablescape pink eggs & gerbera
the runner, plates, glasses, pink paper ribbon and the pink paper napkins comes from IKEA
the jug, salt & pepper are an inheritance from Grandma Renèe (my Hub's Grandma)
the grass plate, grass eggs, artificial felt gerbera comes from Ambroso (vr)

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